Is your company utilizing the power of performance spending?

The biggest lever a company has for advancing ESG initiatives is how it spends its money.

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Empowering CPOs to go forward and drive change.

Now is the time for procurement to take an eminent and influential role in the enterprise by adopting these five new guiding principles:

1. Turn Spend into an Asset

Procurement must advance the mission and purpose of the company and its stakeholders through value creation and social impact.

2. Empower Business Partners

Facilitate stakeholder independence with autonomous, intuitive, consumer-like user experiences that exceed even today’s expectations.

3. Evolve to a Best-of-Breed Ecosystem

Build a new type of operating model that allows multiple digital solutions to work together and deliver superior user experiences and results.

4. Allow Procurement Talent to Flourish

Use new technologies to free procurement talent from repetitive manual work and redeploy across more ‘human’, value-creating tasks.

5. Redefine How Value is Measured

Create a new scorecard by which success is measured in the procurement function, redefining the vision for the future of sourcing.

Disrupt or be disrupted.

As Dr. Elouise Epstein, digital futurist and partner at Kearney, explains in her thought-provoking book Trade wars, pandemics, and chaos: How digital procurement enables business success in a disordered world, CPOs want to lead change, measuring their performance against corporate strategy. The successful digital transformation of procurement will optimize costs, reduce risk, drive innovation, and advance ESG initiatives at scale.

Digital can turn procurement into the most mature, intelligent, and exciting function in the enterprise.


Procurement leaders must believe in a digital future.

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