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Introducing Globality's AI-Powered B2B Services Marketplace

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Globality simplifies and streamlines the way enterprise business people find and connect with qualified agencies, firms, and other vendors across every strategic service category. 

With powerful guidance from Glo, Globality's cutting-edge artificial intelligence, every user is able to self-serve service needs with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness — reducing months of process into hours. 

Glo's robust, merit-based supplier matching ensures highly qualified suppliers for every project, completely eliminating the need for additional identification or discovery steps while enabling meaningful, built-in supplier diversity and inclusion. Plus, side-by-side comparison at every stage, creates an objective environment to easily evaluate capabilities and proposal details in order to assess and award projects in a fair and unbiased ecosystem. 

Whether you're sourcing complex programs amongst dozens of suppliers or individual projects, Globality empowers your teams to achieve real-time sourcing with better results than ever before.

Experience the AI-Powered Globality Platform

Learn how Globality can bring unmatched efficiency, effectiveness, and impact to your enterprise services spend. 

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