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Leading Global Companies Use Our Autonomous Sourcing Platform to Cut Costs and Increase Efficiencies
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Globality is the leader in autonomous sourcing. Using sophisticated AI, the platform creates precisely scoped requirements, identifies the most qualified suppliers, provides negotiation insights, and enables data-driven decisions.


Avoid Overbuying and Save Time

With generative AI-powered scoping, our AI engine understands complex intent and defines project requirements faster and more precisely than people can.

Selecting Suppliers

Reduce Costs with Competition from
Best-Fit Suppliers

After scoping the project and carefully defining its objectives in a concise brief, Globality instantly provides merit-based supplier options from your roster of preferred suppliers and Globality’s proprietary, vetted database.


Unlock Savings with Intelligent Analysis

Our AI analyzes supplier proposals and presents data-driven insights, enabling you to compare project costs and timelines instantly across proposals, giving you a negotiation advantage.


Achieve Better Governance with
Less Supervision

Experience a frictionless award process to ensure the selected supplier has passed all the required compliance checks. The platform sends all necessary information seamlessly to your enterprise systems, driving operational efficiency and reducing costs.


Get Compounding Returns from Your Data

Our AI engine is constantly learning, retains institutionalized knowledge, and provides intelligent recommendations to turn your spend data into a value-creating asset. 

See Globality in Action

Watch a 2-minute video to discover how Globality automates sourcing.

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Industry Analysts Recognize Globality as Game Changing

Globality can help augment and uplift understaffed sourcing and procurement teams that need to free up more time for other value-added activities through automation… Further, companies that have a stronger focus on ESG (diversity, inclusion, transparency, sustainable suppliers) will also be served well by Globality’s platform.
Patrick Connaughton Vice President of Research, Gartner
Globality impresses with its Smart Sourcing platform that empowers procurement leaders to make data-driven sourcing decisions aligning with not only their business goals but also their organizations’ wider sustainability and diversity goals.
Reetika Fleming Executive Research Leader, HFS Research
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Our Customers Tell You Why Globality’s Automated Sourcing Makes a Big Difference

Cyril Pourrat CEO, BT Sourced & CPO,
BT Group
To achieve double-digit savings through the Globality platform is fantastic. The increased visibility and analytics are also very powerful and enable us to make better decisions on how BT spends its money.