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May 23, 2024

Improved Provider Invitations and Rankings

For Buyer

Glo is making provider invitation even more intuitive and efficient with a new guided experience. Glo also empowers you to find best-fit providers effortlessly and quickly, leveraging its insights to rank providers based on their project fit.

Once you submit your brief, Glo scans your entire provider network, applies company rules, ranks providers, and presents you with a list of providers you can invite. You can sort and filter providers based on various attributes, such as project fit, which Glo adjusts dynamically according to provider capabilities, track record, and project requirements. Additionally, you can search for providers by name or add new providers. This comprehensive list enables added flexibility and increases provider discovery. After selecting providers, you can customize invitation details such as provider invitees and NDA options before sending out invitations. You can track the status of each invited provider in your project's Providers page.


Glo keeps your company's rules in mind, showing only eligible providers and displaying preferred providers at the top of the list. This gives you the confidence to invite the best-fit providers while ensuring compliance with your company's policies.



May 17, 2024

Complex, Multi-Level, and Conditional Approvals

For Buyer

Glo can now help you implement complex, multi-level, and conditional approvals. Define as many approvals in parallel or any sequence you want for projects based on attributes such as budget, category, and geography. Glo will enforce them at the appropriate time, ensuring that all required approvals are in place before provider invitations and project awards. Taking autonomous sourcing to the next level, this feature drives compliance and aligns with your company’s unique business processes, while offering an intuitive view of approval tasks and history and helping you keep track of your approval requests.


Note: This feature is available upon configuration of your account.

April 26, 2024

Export Project Briefs and Proposals

For Buyer, Seller

Effortlessly export project briefs and proposals, along with their associated attachments, enabling off-line collaboration and additional analysis. For customers, you can also download multiple proposals for in-depth side-by-side comparison.

To export a brief, open the project brief and click on “Download.” To export attachments, select the checkbox and click on “Download.” Glo will provide you with a ZIP file containing the project scope and proposal requirements in Word format, along with attached documents.


For customers, to export a specific proposal, go to the proposal you want, click on “Other Options,” and then “Download.” To export attachments, select the checkbox and click on “Download.” Glo will provide you with a ZIP file containing the proposal in Excel format, along with attached documents.


For customers, to export multiple proposals for side-by-side comparison, select the proposals you want, open the “Download” dropdown, and click on “Proposals.” To export attachments, select the checkbox and click on “Download.” Glo will provide you with a ZIP file containing all the selected proposals in Excel format, along with attached documents.


For Providers, to export a specific proposal, go to the proposal you want and click on “Download.” To export attachments, select the checkbox and click on “Download.” Glo will provide you with a ZIP file containing the proposal in Excel format, along with attached documents.



April 19, 2024

Enhanced Project Brief and Next Gen Interactive Scoping

For Buyer

Glo has transformed the brief framework and scoping process, making it more intuitive and easier than ever to create an intelligent brief. The project is now structured as distinct elements: Project Details, defining key internal information confidential to your company; and the brief, which includes Project Scope, outlining provider-facing project criteria and specifications, and Proposal Requirements, detailing responses required from providers. This gives you granular control and additional flexibility to what is shared with providers, while offering clarity into what they see.

Scoping with Glo is also more interactive and conversational, with continuous scrolling and Ask Glo seamlessly integrated. As you work on your brief, you can ask Glo questions directly without leaving the scoping process, enabling an uninterrupted workflow. Glo will respond to you instantly, leveraging its project insight, category expertise, and procurement knowledge to help you define your project requirements.


April 16, 2024

Streamlined Team Member Invitation

For Buyer, Seller

Introducing our new streamlined invitation process, designed to elevate your user experience. You can now add existing team members and invite new ones in one efficient invitation process. Glo will also provide instant confirmation when team members are added to the project.


Expanding your project team is easy—just click “Add Team Member” on the “Project Team” page. Browse or search for existing users in your company, then check the box to add them to your project. To invite new team members not yet using Globality, click on “Invite New User” and input the user's name, email, and an optional welcome message. Click on “Add” and Glo will send out email invitations to join the platform and your project. You can also resend email invitations to users who have yet to create an account on Globality. 

March 14, 2024

Instantly Invite New Providers to Your Project

For Buyer

Announcing our latest time-saving feature: you can now instantly invite providers who are not yet on Globality to your project, enabling you to self-serve more efficiently and further expedite your sourcing process. 


To invite a new provider, simply click on "Request Provider" and enter the provider’s name. After clicking "Add,” Glo will prompt you to input the provider's name, website, contact name, and email. Glo automatically verifies the uniqueness of new providers to prevent duplicates within your network. You can then invite your new provider to your project right away!

February 14, 2024

Copy Projects and Accelerate Your Scoping Process

For Buyer

Do you need to perform renewals or run identical tenders across various geographies? Effortlessly copy an existing project and reuse critical project information to streamline your workflow and save time. Glo will duplicate essential project components including brief, proposal requirements, and pricing templates.


To copy a project, go to the appropriate project and click on “Copy Project.” You will be prompted to enter a new project name. Glo will also guide you to review and update the new project’s information before you submit the brief.

October 24, 2023

Accelerate Scoping and Drive Compliance with Proposal Section Library

For Buyer

We are excited to introduce the Proposal Section Library, where system administrators can create proposal sections and control which sections are mandatory or recommended based on project conditions. When creating the project brief, users can quickly select the proposal sections they need for their proposal requirements, expediting the scoping process while adhering to the company's policies.

Create and Manage a Library of Reusable Proposal Sections

System administrators can access the Proposal Section Library by selecting Proposals within the Administration portal. They can create new proposal sections, as well as duplicate and edit existing ones. 


To drive compliance and empower users to source autonomously, proposal sections can be set to be mandated or recommended for all projects or for projects that meet specific thresholds, based on project attributes such as budget, category, and geography. Mandatory sections cannot be edited by business users and must be included in the brief, while recommended sections can be omitted or edited.


Glo Mandates and Suggests Proposal Sections During the Scoping Process

Once your company’s Proposal Section Library is created and set up per your company's policies, Glo will automatically surface mandated and recommended proposal sections during the scoping process. Users can also quickly add proposal sections from the library to their projects’ proposal requirements. For visibility, users can preview the proposal sections from the providers’ perspective. This frictionless experience accelerates the scoping process while ensuring compliance.



October 24, 2023

Greater Control of Platform Settings with Administration Portal

For Buyer

Introducing the Administration portal, a self-serve space for system administrators to manage their company's account and user-level settings with greater control. The Administration portal can be easily accessed in the left navigation panel and allows for the management of user, proposal, and integration settings.


With Administration, system administrators can manage user roles, curate a library of reusable proposal sections and control when they can be used during the scoping process, as well as create webhooks for real-time notifications.

We are committed to empowering you and your company to source autonomously. We will continue to release additional self-service administration capabilities within the new portal in the near future, so you can have even more granular control over your sourcing process.


August 28, 2023

Ask Glo

For Buyer

We are taking Generative AI to the next level to accelerate your entire procurement process and empower you to make better informed decisions. As your personalized sourcing advisor helping you throughout your sourcing journey, Glo can now answer any procurement or product questions you have.

At any point in your sourcing process, click on the Ask Glo button, located on the upper right-hand corner of the platform, and you can ask Glo any questions about Globality or procurement using natural language. Glo will respond to you instantly, leveraging its built-in category expertise and vast procurement knowledge to help you progress your buying experience and increase your productivity.


August 11, 2023

Improved Pricing Experience

For Buyer, Seller

We are pleased to introduce a provider feature that will improve your user experience. After uploading a non-smart pricing template, providers will now be prompted to enter the total project cost and expenses in platform, capturing critical pricing summary and increasing transparency and consistency. This new feature allows Glo to ensure all provider pricing is available in the proposal detail view, proposal table, comparison dashboard, and Glo Insight visualizations, so you can leverage key information to efficiently evaluate all providers.

Pricing Summary

To drive additional compliance, providers will now also receive a warning if the project cost entered is $0, requiring them to enter a reason for excluding pricing.

Reason for Excluding Cost


July 14, 2023

Accelerate Scoping with Glo’s Analysis of Uploaded Documents

For Buyer

We continue to leverage generative AI to increase your team’s productivity. When beginning your project brief, you can share with Glo any notes and documents you have already created as part of project planning, such as project requirements and project challenges presentations, easily uploading one or more files in various formats (e.g., PDF, Word, Excel). Using generative AI, Glo learns from the given information, asking thoughtful follow-up questions and offering suggested answers to expedite the scoping process. You can easily accept, reject, add to, or edit Glo’s suggestions. To ensure your company’s privacy, the project-related documents will not be shared with providers.




June 23, 2023

Enhanced Provider User Invitation

For Buyer, Seller

This enhancement enables you to self-serve more effectively and easily invite new providers in companies with multiple email domains. When you invite provider users with new email domains, Glo alerts you with a message and you have the flexibility to proceed, with the new domain automatically added to the provider's account (unless the domain is that of a common third party such as 

Provider Email Domain Validation


May 18, 2023

Proposal Deadline (Time) Specification

For Buyer

When scoping your requirements, Glo now prompts you to set a specific time and time zone for the proposal due date. This functionality gives you granular control over when you want suppliers to submit proposals for your projects and provides additional clarity for business users and suppliers.

time and timezone picker_focused


April 26, 2023

Generative AI-Based Scoping

For Buyer

Glo, your virtual team member and an insanely fast learner, has built new skills using generative AI and has become even more intelligent to help boost your productivity. The result is a dramatically faster process of writing a professional brief because Glo gives you a great starting point that you can further curate to accelerate the scoping process of defining requirements.

Glo gives a hand to make your requirements write-up more professional

Glo now can analyze any long-form text and rough notes you bring from your project planning sessions and automates the rest of the process for you. As Glo asks relevant scoping questions, with a single click you can clean up your responses, so the brief is better understood by providers. While answering the scoping question, you have the option to “undo” the changes in real-time before proceeding.


Glo automatically suggests responses throughout the sourcing process to drive productivity

As Glo asks questions, with a single click you can accept or reject its high-quality suggested answers. Glo will analyze your project description and other responses you provide and continue to learn and offer suggestions throughout the scoping process.


Note: These features are available to customers who have requested them to be turned on for their company's account.

April 25, 2023

Deep Automation Driving Compliance

For Buyer

Check out these multiple features that are available to you upon the configuration of your account. Once appropriate criteria are set up for your account, Glo can a) assist with conditional approval management, b) match providers based on your company's policy, c) enforce the minimal number of providers to be invited, and d) mark the eligibility of requested providers. This feature set empowers users to conduct sourcing events autonomously while adhering to their company's policies, taking self-serve sourcing to the next level with deep automation and driving further compliance. 


April 24, 2023

Improved NDA Experience

For Buyer

The NDA experience on the platform has now been streamlined. When inviting providers to your project, you can quickly select or waive NDAs where required and apply that selection to all providers, further enabling a frictionless workflow. You also will have the flexibility to download and preview NDA content, choose from your company’s active NDA templates, and upload project-specific NDAs.

This feature is available to customers that have the "NDA flow" enabled for their account.



April 5, 2023

Provider Attributes Display

For Buyer

We’re delighted to launch an enhancement that enables you to quickly understand providers’ key attributes before you invite them to your project, which will help you make better-informed decisions. Upon configuration, you can prominently see if the matched providers have a preferred relationship, have an existing MSA, are diversity certified, and are registered in your ERP system.

Customers have the flexibility to configure the attributes that are shown as part of this feature based on their company processes. If you have already set up an MSA or preferred provider relationship on Globality, you do not need to take any actions to configure the attributes, as we have ensured that you will immediately experience the new feature.



March 31, 2023

API Support for Reporting

For Buyer

In an effort to drive further automation for you, we have launched an exciting API enhancement that provides access to all relevant project information needed to create robust reports in your existing reporting systems such as Tableau, Power BI, and others.



March 31, 2023

Glo Insights: Negotiation Intelligence

For Buyer

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new feature, Glo Insights: Negotiation Intelligence. Glo analyzes supplier proposals for a specific project and presents data-driven insights that enable you to compare project costs and timelines instantly, giving you a negotiating advantage.


March 20, 2023

New Project Statuses: Pause and Cancel

For Buyer

We are pleased to launch a new feature that introduces new project statuses (pause and cancel). You can now put a project on hold or cancel it. With these new statuses enabled and tracked, you can experience increased productivity due to streamlined work management. This functionality also makes it easy to filter inactive projects for reporting use cases such as calculating estimated spend to drive organizational buying excellence.
Project owners and administrators can cancel or pause a project from the project overview page. When a project is paused or canceled, emails to the project team and invited suppliers will be automatically sent to notify them of the status. A canceled/paused project can be reactivated/resumed, and you can seamlessly act on the next steps from where you left off.  

In the Project List View, you can easily review which projects were canceled or paused and filter by those statuses. Administrators with access to data reporting can pull reports that reflect these statuses and further analyze the data.



February 23, 2023


For Buyer

We are thrilled to share the launch of a new feature, E-Negotiation. With this functionality, you can easily initiate a negotiation round with suppliers, sharing how competitive their proposals are relative to others and encouraging them to submit their best bid.

Glo calculates each proposal’s rank by cost relative to others and the percentage difference to the lowest bid, making it easy for you to compare and control costs. Emails to suppliers are automatically prepared with anonymized information, ensuring they do not show the identity or count of other participating suppliers. Prior to sending the emails, you can preview them so you know exactly what suppliers will receive.

Customers have the flexibility to turn off the "relative rank" and "% difference to lowest bid" options that are shown as part of this feature, based on their company processes.


January 10, 2023

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue

For Buyer

We are excited to share that your interactive dialogue experience with Glo has been streamlined.

The primary action button has been updated from "Send" to "Continue" when answering questions from Glo. You will also see an animation right above the "Continue" button that indicates your answers are being saved as you progress through each question.



January 9, 2023

Streamlined Chat Functionality

For Buyer

We are excited to let you know about a few enhancements to the Platform's chat functionality that streamlines how you communicate with Globality Support and your project teams.

"Chat Support" in the navigation bar has been renamed "Globality Support" so you can easily reach out to our Globality team when you need help.

Once a new project is started, a conversation space named "Team Chat" is automatically generated that includes only team members from your organization who are invited to the project. You can also have a one-on-one chat via Globality Support to have a more focused discussion without your colleagues in the same conversation space.



December 22, 2022

Onboarding Badge

For Buyer

We are excited to let you know about a new "Onboarding" badge that will enable you to view a requested provider's onboarding status from the "Providers" page for a project.

Once the provider is successfully added to Globality, you will be informed via email about the newly matched provider, driving transparency.

Matched providers page_onboarding

December 8, 2022

Provider Management for Project Journey

For Buyer

We are excited to let you know about the launch of the new and improved "Providers" page that takes managing providers throughout the project journey to the next level.

The new intuitive experience draws focus to provider information that matters, reducing the cognitive load to help users make the best decision. It also streamlines the provider invitation flow and arms the users with provider statuses for the entire project life cycle to take necessary and timely actions.

Project Providers Page


November 8, 2022

Enhanced Autocomplete Questions

For Buyer

In an effort to improve your scoping experience, we have made some enhancements to the way you search and select options for your custom questions within the brief.

You will immediately see a list of all the search results that you can select from, and will be able to search by any portion of the text such as a single letter or number. 

new autocomplete ux comm code


November 1, 2022

Provider Administrator Role and More

For Seller

In an effort to continue to deliver exceptional user experience, you will see an update to the roles in Globality and a new "Clients" page. We are streamlining existing roles and introducing two new account-level roles: Provider Administrator and Team Member.

These new capabilities will enable you to view and manage the clients you work with on Globality projects in one central place, driving further compliance.

Feature available starting November 16, 2022.

Project Page as Admin

For more details, take a look at this article in our Knowledge Base.

October 20, 2022

Proposal Enhancements

For Seller

To improve your experience and make it clear what sections are required when you are building a proposal, you will see a banner at the top with the number of required sections, as well as an asterisk (*) by each section title.

You will also get a more prominent alert highlighting what needs to be filled out if the proposal is submitted without completing the required sections. 


For more information, take a look at this guide in our Knowledge Base.

October 19, 2022

Key Enhancements to Invite Emails

For Seller

We are excited to give you a heads-up about an important enhancement to the email notifications you receive when you are invited to a project opportunity on the Platform.

The emails have been simplified and co-branded with client-related information such as the company name, sender’s name, and project name, which will ensure you do not miss out on project opportunities.

Feature available starting November 17, 2022.

User provider - activated (6)


October 14, 2022

Brief Outline

For Buyer

We are excited to give you a heads-up about a new functionality, Brief Outline. Once you start scoping your project requirements, you will see a high-level overview of what sections you can expect Glo to cover throughout the scoping process.

This will enable you to plan ahead to get required information and invite your peers to answer questions more efficiently. You can also monitor and track your progress in real time with a new side panel view.

Glo nicely formats and packages all the information real-time in the Smart Brief, which is easily accessible at any time from the main menu.

Feature available starting October 18, 2022.

Brief Outline


October 14, 2022

Improvement to Subject Matter Selection

For Buyer

After submitting a description of your sourcing need, Glo analyzes your response, automatically chooses the project's subject matter for you, and serves relevant questions to help you scope your requirements.

To ensure you go down the appropriate scoping journey, you will now see an enhanced UX when confirming or adding the service offerings where you can change the project's subject matter, if needed. Glo will then prompt you to select the relevant subject matter for your sourcing need.


October 7, 2022

Intuitive Way to Search Projects

For Buyer

We continue to streamline the user experience to help you be more efficient. Going forward, you can view and search for projects via the “Projects” tab in the main menu.

As a reminder, this Projects List View page also lets you sort and filter projects so you can quickly orient yourself on each project’s phase to take key actions.

Search in Projects Page Gif


September 28, 2022

Proposal Requirements Editor

For Buyer

We are excited to share that you now have greater flexibility to create and manage structured requirements when scoping with our new feature, Proposal Requirements Editor.

Glo makes it incredibly easy to build, edit, format, and order your requirements, whether you want the responses back from suppliers in a free text format, multiple choice, or matrix. You will immediately see the value when you are able to compare these supplier responses side by side in a visually elegant format, driving better evaluation.


September 19, 2022

Proposal Creation and Submission Guide

For Seller

Check out this new guide to learn all about creating and submitting proposals on the Platform so you can maximize your opportunies to be selected for projects.



September 14, 2022


For Buyer

We are excited to launch Webhooks, which can be easily created, configured, and managed within our Platform.

Once Webhooks are set up, they will automatically give real-time notifications of specific events (i.e., Brief completed, Award completed) that occur in Globality, which can be leveraged for several use cases (i.e., creating contracts on your end). 


Webhook Event Log + Test

To learn more on how Globality connects to your existing workflows, please visit our Integration Microsite and Developer APIs Microsite.


September 9, 2022

Request for Quotation Project Type

For Buyer

You now have the option to select "Request for Quotation" as a specific sourcing type, giving you a streamlined experience when scoping your requirements.

New Q&A


August 22, 2022

Glo Insights: Cost Analysis

For Buyer

As a reminder, we had launched Smart Pricing Templates earlier in the year where Glo serves you templates tailored to your project and ensures suppliers complete the correct templates as part of their proposals. Once proposals are submitted, Glo scans the templates, displays key data on the Platform, and consolidates all supplier pricing data in one Excel workbook for you to do further analysis.
We are excited to share that we have now released a new functionality, Glo Insights: Cost Analysis where, for qualified projects, Glo leverages granular data from supplier proposals when you use Smart Pricing Templates. Cost analysis and insights are packaged and delivered in a spreadsheet format, and you will be notified when it is ready to be downloaded from within the Platform.


August 10, 2022

Projects List View Page

For Buyer

The new "Projects List View" page gives you an incredible experience while managing your projects – it’s simple, intuitive, and efficient. In addition to getting a complete view of all your projects, you can also efficiently filter or sort to quickly orient yourself on each project's phase to take key actions.


June 14, 2022

Project Overview and List View Page

For Seller

In an effort to continue to deliver exceptional user experience and drive increased efficiency for you, we are introducing some key capabilities to the Platform.

You will see an enhanced Globality "Home" page, a new project "Overview" page, a new "Projects List View" page, and some UI changes throughout. 


June 14, 2022

Optional Terms and Conditions

For Buyer

You now have increased flexibility and have the option to choose if you want suppliers to accept your boiler plate standard T&Cs and Privacy Policy for each project. 



June 9, 2022

Internationalization: German

For Buyer

We are excited to share that in addition to Spanish and Portuguese, our Platform is now available in German. When any of these languages are added to your account, Glo prompts you to select your preferred language, driving a more personalized experience for your sourcing needs.

Project in German (1)


May 31, 2022

Late Proposal Submissions

For Buyer

We have launched a new feature that gives you the ability to accept proposals after the due date indicated in your briefs, giving your team increased flexibility.

Client view - late proposal by Meteor


May 27, 2022

Control of Provider Invitees

For Buyer

We are excited to share that you can now specify which individuals from the supplier organization get invited to your project and can view your brief. This enables you to continue collaborating with supplier users you may already know for specific projects.

Glo also automatically serves up pre-established supplier contacts in the event you don’t have any preferred ones within the supplier organization.

Gif - invite provider users v2


May 9, 2022

Consolidated Project Type Selection

For Buyer

We are excited to share that we have consolidated the type of sourcing events you can do on Globality into one simple question. This will ensure you have visibility into all the sourcing events you select up front to take advantage of the Platform’s comprehensiveness.

Based on the selection, Glo will navigate you accordingly and will serve relevant questions to help you precisely scope your need.

client_screenshot_project consolidation Q&A


April 29, 2022

Smart Pricing Templates

For Buyer

We have released a new functionality, Smart Pricing Templates. With this functionality, Glo serves Smart Pricing Templates tailored to your project and ensures suppliers complete the correct templates as part of their proposals.

Once proposals are submitted, Glo scans the templates, displays key data on the Platform, and consolidates all supplier pricing data into one Excel workbook for you to do further analysis. 


April 6, 2022

New UI Enhancements

For Buyer

In an effort to continue to deliver exceptional user experience, we are making enhancements to Globality’s functionalities. You will see an enhanced Globality "Home" page, a new project "Overview" page, and some UI changes throughout that will give you a better overall experience and help you manage your projects with increased efficiency.


March 2, 2022

Project Proposals Page

For Buyer

We are excited to share that you now have a new page within each project where you can easily view, track, and compare all proposals (including multiple proposal options) from suppliers in one central place, driving efficiency when evaluating proposals.

New Project Proposals Page


February 17, 2022

Evaluate Suppliers with Insights Powered by AI

For Buyer

Glo now presents insights powered by AI that are uniquely relevant for each project such as suppliers’ case studies and experiences in specific industries, geographies, and services.
These at-a-glance insights will enable you to quickly identify suppliers that best match your project requirements and ultimately award the best-fit supplier.


February 4, 2022

Revamped Client Knowledge Base: Comprehensive. Simple. Accessible. Scalable.

For Buyer

We are excited to announce that we have updated and revamped our Client Knowledge Base to be more self-serve, comprehensive, and accessible. You can search from 80+ articles to help answer frequently asked questions.



January 6, 2022

Enhanced Sole Source Experience

For Buyer

We are excited to share that you will now get a great end-to-end experience when you run a sole source event on the Platform. We deliver a unique set of values for sole source to both procurement teams and business stakeholders.


December 7, 2021

Integration and Developer API Microsites

For Buyer

We have launched an Integration Microsite webpage that showcases our integration approaches and how Globality connects to your existing workflows.

We also have a Developer APIs Microsite webpage where developers can self-serve and easily access the endpoints for the Public APIs we offer.


November 19, 2021

Enhancement to NDA Feature

For Buyer

Glo can now serve multiple NDA template options and you can simply select the right one for your project. Contact Globality Support to pre-load your NDA templates onto the Platform.


November 1, 2021

Internationalization: Spanish and Portuguese

For Buyer

Our Platform is now available in standard Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. When any of these languages are added to your account, Glo prompts users to select their preferred language, driving a more personalized experience for their sourcing needs.
End-to-End Platform Demo (Localized in Spanish):

brief in spanish

End-to-End Platform Demo (Portuguese Voiceover):

brief in portuguese (2)

October 19, 2021

Enhancements to Navigation Bars

For Buyer

In an effort to continue to deliver exceptional user experience on our Platform, we are making minor enhancements to the left-hand navigation bars within the Globality Platform.
With these enhancements, you can easily access key components that are crucial when sourcing needs, driving efficiency and better experience overall.

Updated main menu and project-level navigation bars:
screenshot_main_new_arrows                 screenshot_project_new_arrows


October 1, 2021

On Demand Platform Access for SSO-Enabled Accounts

For Buyer

We are excited to announce that if you have SSO enabled, you can now access Globality in a frictionless manner.
First-time users who are authorized to access Globality can simply log in through your organization’s SSO portal (e.g., Okta, OneLogin), or Globality’s login page, and will be granted immediate access to the Platform without needing an invitation to join Globality.
image-20211001-210152 (1)


September 13, 2021

Rating Assessment Optional Criteria

For Buyer

Globality’s assessment feature empowers you to assess suppliers efficiently and accurately, allowing you to select the best supplier with more confidence, increased transparency and compliance, without bias. 

We’re excited to share that this feature has been further enhanced and now users can focus more on assessing suppliers on criteria they are qualified to rate and simply skip the rest, driving flexibility and further efficiency.


August 31, 2021

End-to-End Platform Video Showcasing Most Recent Features

For Buyer

Watch this 7-minute demo video to get a deep understanding of how Globality works to source your needs across all your strategic spend to drive substantial savings, efficiency, and meet your ESG goals.



July 15, 2021

Proposal Documents Elegantly Organized

For Buyer

We are excited to share a new functionality that enables you to download all documents that come with supplier proposals. The files are elegantly organized for you based on your preference by suppliers or by proposal sections.



July 9, 2021

Access Permissions Based on Org Structure

For Buyer

Globality works with you to structure permissions based on your internal organizational structure and workflows, driving compliance and increased confidentiality across teams.

Access and visibility to projects will be based on pre-determined rules (e.g., who gets access to view and join a given project, who in Procurement gets automatically added to a given project), as well as project attributes (e.g., category, region, business unit) that a user is in.

To learn more, you can view this article in our Knowledge Base.


June 10, 2021

Custom Templates

For Buyer

We are excited to share that you can now experience an easy and organized way to leverage your standardized templates (e.g., pricing templates and other questionnaires) within the Platform to request information from suppliers in a specific format.

Glo will automatically serve category-specific templates and ask you to choose the appropriate template for each project, or a new template can be uploaded, making it a part of the overall requirements. Glo assists suppliers by guiding them to complete the templates and ensuring they are submitted as part of their proposals.

Once proposals are submitted, you can easily access these files in a central, organized manner when you are ready to do deeper analysis and evaluate suppliers.


May 19, 2021

Evaluating Multiple Proposal Scenarios

For Buyer

We are excited to share that suppliers can now submit more than one proposal for your projects with different approaches, timelines, or fee structures to potentially highlight cost-savings for you.

You can view and compare proposals by a single supplier, or choose to compare proposals across suppliers, enabling you to make the best decision when evaluating proposals. 


April 9, 2021

Access to Supplier's Contact Info

For Buyer

You now have the ability to view the contact information of the stakeholders at the supplier’s organization who receive the Smart Brief when they are invited to a project opportunity.

This lets you know who the leads are from the supplier side and you can leverage their information as needed. 



February 16, 2021

Enhanced Broadcast Messaging

For Buyer

You can now include attachments when broadcasting a message to suppliers which enables you to format supplier communications the way you like it. This broadcast functionality drives collaboration, efficiency, and compliance for you and your team.