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Glo transforms the procurement process, cutting costs and red tape
by facilitating effective competition and automating the sourcing journey.


Meaningful insights

Glo digs deep into the data and brings you the best insights to make better, faster spending decisions. From scoping your RFP to choosing a supplier, Glo has valuable insights to share.

Increased & improved competition

Glo ensures you get the best value for your spend by guiding and facilitating every step of the comprehensive, competitive sourcing process for whatever you need.

Institutional knowledge

What Glo knows, you know. Glo learns with each project she completes, which means you get actionable insights to leverage where and when needed.


Make sourcing simpler and smarter.

Globality automates the sourcing process and gets smarter each time, delivering compounding returns on your spend.

Seamless integration

Globality integrates with your existing procurement systems of record, leveraging all the hard work you’ve done and enabling users to experience seamless workflows.

More effective decision making

Upon project completion, Glo captures feedback about supplier performance from you and your peers. Our AI engine uses this feedback and other interactions to make increasingly smart decisions with each project.

Key insights are always provided to achieve the best outcome.

Jefferson Magalhães

Client Lead & Sr Manager


Set precise requirements to get exactly what you want

Glo helps you define what you need to avoid overbuying, manage demand, and save time for each individual project.

AI-powered interactive dialogue

Thoroughly scope your project in granular detail with Glo’s Gen AI capabilities. From extracting project information in existing documents to performing scoping interviews using natural, conversational language, Glo learns your complex intent to achieve the best possible project outcomes.

Comprehensive sourcing types

Our intelligent navigation guides you through the right path for all types of sourcing scenarios (RFP, RFI, RFQ, Sole Source, Delivery of Staffing, and Supplier Panel) with built-in category expertise for over 7,000 offerings.

Pricing templates

Glo ensures you are an effective buyer leveraging the best possible pricing model, suggesting templates tailored to your specific project and requiring suppliers to complete them as part of their proposal creation. 

Proposal requirements

Glo gives you the flexibility to build and structure custom requirements and enables you to capture responses from suppliers in various formats (free text, multiple choice, or matrix). 

Clear requirements

Glo interprets the interactive dialog she has had with a user and formats your needs into a clearly formatted requirements definition document (RFx) in real time, increasing clarity and precision and ensuring suppliers understand your specifications.

The time spent upfront properly creating the tender saves so much time later on—it eliminates a lot of the back-and-forth questions with suppliers to clarify scope.
Martin Mills

Martin Mills

Sr. Procurement Manager


Identify your best-fit supplier with ease.

Whether drawing from your own pool of trusted suppliers or our database, reduce cost by ensuring you get high-quality competitive bids from suppliers who can get the job done.

Supplier discovery

After scoping, instantly receive an unbiased list of potential suppliers, both new to your enterprise and existing vendors. You can review their statuses and attributes, such as diversity certifications, security compliance, and approved vendor status with your company, to get a clear picture of what they have to offer.

Dynamic supplier profiles

Make decisions efficiently about which suppliers to invite to your project, as Glo highlights suppliers’ case studies, geographies, awards, certifications, reference customers, and experiences in specific industries in a profile uniquely fit to your project requirements.

Supplier invitation

Narrow the focus to suppliers you already know or invite new suppliers and users as needed. Glo lets you decide which individuals from the suppliers’ organizations can view the project requirements. 

NDA and conflicts check

To safeguard sensitive or confidential project information, you can have suppliers execute a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) before sharing your brief. Glo will notify you once an NDA has been executed. 

Supplier collaboration

Collaborating with suppliers has never been easier. Boost efficiency and compliance by communicating with suppliers directly from the platform. Relay the same information to all suppliers at once or message suppliers individually to discuss their specific proposals.

The way you select suppliers during the sourcing process has really changed with Globality. You no longer have to go on Google or talk to people you know to find out who to work with. You just submit your brief and Globality will suggest providers for you.
Bronagh Murphy

Bronagh Murphy

Marketing Procurement Manager


Gain insights you need to get the best total cost and value.

Unlock savings with powerful cost comparisons between suppliers and intelligent analysis of who’s qualitatively best suited to meet your company’s needs.

Proposal management

Efficiently view, track, request revisions, and evaluate proposals from all suppliers in a central place. Glo highlights key information and arms you with insights to help you negotiate better.

Proposal comparison

Glo helps you evaluate suppliers efficiently without missing out on important details. Side-by-side comparisons of proposals with key information from different suppliers are laid out in a consistent format.

Glo insights: cost analysis

Glo delivers cost analysis and meaningful insights by using supplier proposal data, enabling you to focus on strategic negotiations.

We contract with those suppliers at the right, fair price based on complex automated cost analysis, where all the knowledge that we continually build within procurement is retained and reused through automation going forward — making our impact and effectiveness even greater and our roles simpler. ​

Charles Letizia



Encourage competition and unlock savings.

Automatically initiate e-negotiations and compare supplier assessments, ensuring all proposals are competitive and all outcomes are considered. 


Unlock savings with Glo-guided negotiation rounds with suppliers, comparing how competitive proposals are relative to others, and encouraging suppliers to submit their best price and other commercial components.

Supplier assessment

Glo enables you and your colleagues to easily assess suppliers based on the predefined criteria set in your brief. All of your colleagues’ assessments are showcased in one place, helping you select the best supplier with confidence, transparency, and compliance. This is often a key requirement of company auditors.

The platform allows us to select the best providers for different negotiations. It also helps us analyze them in a timely manner. All the proposals received were a huge success.
Nuno Balsa

Nuno Balsa

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Sr. Manager


Ensure you get what you
pay for.

Achieve better governance with less supervision with Glo guiding the purchasing execution and compliance processes.

Automated statement of work

Glo streamlines your statement of work (SOW) creation process when awarding your project. Choose a standard SOW template, and Glo automatically pre-fills it with essential information from the supplier’s proposal and your brief.

Streamlined supplier award

Once you’ve decided to award your work, Glo guides you through compliance-related steps that align with your processes. Ensure your supplier has gone through all required activities, from risk-vetting to legal compliance, before moving forward.

Globality has reduced the long cumbersome semi-automated steps in the process to instantaneous results, pushing the RFX/Q to market.

Alejandro Schipani

Global Head of Transformation

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