Experience Seamless Workflows with Our Integrations

Globality's flexible integration options with your enterprise systems helps you achieve increased productivity and compliance

Flexible Integration Approaches

Experience seamless workflows throughout the source-to-pay process. From off-the-shelf connectors to developer-friendly APIs, Globality provides flexible options to easily connect to your procurement ecosystem, including SAP Ariba and Fieldglass, Coupa, and more.


  • Sync data with SAP & Coupa using Globality prebuilt Connectors
  • Experience use cases such as contract workspaces & purchase requisition creation
  • Integrates using Globality’s chosen middleware


  • Sync data with any enterprise system using Globality APIs
  • Experience custom use cases
  • Integrates using Globality’s and your middleware


  • Configure webhooks to listen to specific Globality events
  • Experience real-time notifications of events
  • Integrates to create reports, contracts, etc. in your enterprise system

How Globality Connects to Your Existing Workflow


Integration Use Cases

Seamless access via procurement portal

You and your stakeholders can easily access Globality from a procurement portal to create a project on Globality’s Platform.

Instantaneous project creation

When an activity is initiated via the Guided Buying intake form, a project is automatically created in Globality. Information from your procurement system is pre-populated in Globality, saving you the hassle of data reentry.

Globality API

“It is magical when relevant data simply shows up at the time of need in both Globality and our systems without the hassle of reentry.”

—Leading Financial Company

Automatic Contract Workspace Creation

Based on your organization’s contracting policies, you will be guided through a simple Q&A flow during the award process. Accordingly, a contract workspace is created in your procurement system with prefilled information from Globality, driving compliance.

Globality API/Connector

Automatic Purchase Requisition Creation

Based on whether the Purchase Requisition (PR) is already created in your procurement system, information from Globality is sent to the system to create or update a PR using our middleware.

Globality API/Connector

Support for Reporting

Better manage your business processes by seamlessly integrating detailed project data into your enterprise systems such as Tableau, eliminating manual inefficiencies and data entry errors. 

Globality API