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Opportunity at a Global Scale

The Globality Platform is your firm’s way to win Fortune 500 projects based entirely on merit. By joining our highly-qualified network, you’ll gain access to a level playing field where you’ll be given consideration directly related to your firm’s specialties, experience, and accolades.

The Globality Platform

Welcome to the first truly level, global playing field for your business.

Precise Scope

Our Smart Sourcing™ process is designed to accurately define projects before your firm starts any work. That means every project you’re matched to is within your wheelhouse.

Unbiased Matching

We’ve engineered our AI to select your firm for projects based on data points and considerations that allow all suppliers to be evaluated on capabilities and experience.

Increased Exposure

Unlike standard RFP processes, our technology is able to process all eligible and relevant firms on the Platform. That means your firm is able to compete for global projects in an open, transparent, and fair process that’s based on merit.

How It Works

1. Your Smart Profile

When your firm joins our network, you’ll start by filling out your Smart Profile. We use this information, including your firm’s capabilities, skillsets, awards, and more, to help find the best projects for your specialties.

2. Project Matching

We match your firm to relevant projects from Fortune 500 companies around the world. You’ll have access to projects you’ve never had a chance to be considered for before, all based on the merits of your firm.

3. Smart Proposal

After receiving the Smart Brief™ for a project, your firm will draft a Smart Proposal to meet the needs and requirements of that project using tools and guidance provided on the Platform.

4. Collaborate and Get to Work

After agreeing with the client to the project terms detailed in your Smart Proposal, your firm is ready to start working on the project.

Merit-based Matching

Get noticed faster, and retained more often, when your firm gets matched based on your true capabilities.


When Fortune 500 clients have specific project requirements, your firm will be matched based on your credentials and expertise.


Your firm’s experience will be highlighted to Fortune 500 companies looking to get the best outcomes from their projects.


Previous successes by your firm are illuminated on the Globality Platform to companies looking for your firm’s abilities.

Increase Your Firm’s Business

Start competing at a global scale. Fill out your information and a member of the Globality team will reach out to discuss joining our network.

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