Our AI-powered Platform eliminates the challenges of the traditional services sourcing process.

Need-Based Buying

To ensure you never overbuy, Glo guides you to scope precise specifications when creating each Smart Brief. Glo analyzes every answer and surfaces the most relevant questions to help you build a concise and accurate brief, enabling control over requirements and spend.

Rapid, Effective Collaboration

Glo facilitates productive in-Platform communication so you can work in tandem with peers at every stage of the sourcing process, gain full alignment and approval from relevant stakeholders with ease, and efficiently negotiate terms with suppliers.

Informed Supplier Selection

By organizing matched suppliers and proposals side by side, Glo makes comparing key elements at each stage effortless, enabling you to select the right supplier for your needs.

Did you know?

Custom questions can be added to your Smart Brief, and answers from your shortlisted suppliers will be displayed on the dashboard for easy comparison.

Sourcing in an Unbiased Environment

Glo automatically gathers all quantitative feedback from teammates and stakeholders so you can objectively assess every proposal based solely on merit. This enables you and your team to make the right decision with complete confidence and no bias.

Effort-Free Record Keeping

The Globality Platform captures all inputs and revisions, conveniently recording and tracking each one in your workspace history for complete and transparent management of audit trails.

Never Lose Knowledge Again

Glo retains institutional knowledge drawn from every interaction across all sourcing events on the Platform. This way, information can be shared among teammates and across your entire company with no interruptions.

“Audit trails are no longer an issue as all key activities such as revisions and assessments related to the sourcing event are tracked within the Platform.”
– Compliance Officer, Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

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