Experience Immediate Cost Savings by
Digitally Sourcing Services

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Superior Scoping

Completely eliminate the outdated, analog RFP and define precise deliverables for each of your projects using our dynamic Smart Brief™.

Precise Matching

Receive a curated short list of qualified providers for your project needs in mere days.

Comparative Evaluation

Compare customized project proposals side-by-side from your existing suppliers and our network of qualified providers.

Improved Selection

Increased specificity in scoping and matching helps your team make a clear selection of the best provider for each specific project.

Easier Collaboration

Real-time project management and collaboration dramatically increases efficiency.

Integrated Feedback

Feedback is built right into our process, so provider ratings and details are always accurate, and ready to meet your standards for excellence.

Trackable Invoicing

Increase spend transparency across every project your company scopes on the Platform.

Helping You Succeed

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Your success is our success, and we go to great lengths to constantly improve your experience on the Globality Platform. Here are a few ways that we help support your company.

Seamless Integration

Adopting the Globality Platform for your sourcing needs is easy, and can work alongside other software you already use.

Provider Support

Our provider support team is dedicated to finding, evaluating, and onboarding new providers into our network. Additionally, they assist your existing suppliers as they become familiar with the Globality Platform.

Putting It All Together

Learn more about how Globality helps you get the best service provider at the right price for every project.

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