Real-time sourcing, powered by AI
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Globality's AI-powered Platform is a comprehensive sourcing solution, delivering immediate results in all categories of business services.

Scope in hours instead of months

The Globality Platform drastically shortens the amount of time required from scoping a sourcing need to awarding the work, maximizing efficiency gains so your procurement team can focus on strategic activities.

Time Frame to Scope a Project
99%+ Reduction
<3 Hours
4-5 Weeks
A Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company reduced scoping time by over 99% using real-time sourcing.
Time Frame from Start to Selection
80%+ Reduction
2 Weeks
9-10 Weeks
The organization realized an 80% reduction in the overall time from start of scoping to supplier selection.

AI-powered sourcing with Globality

Traditional Process

Experience True Self-Serve Sourcing

Experience True Self‑Serve Sourcing

With real-time collaboration and increased visibility at every stage of the sourcing lifecycle, procurement users and their business stakeholders gain alignment quickly and easily. Stakeholders can be empowered to source services autonomously with full transparency and compliance.

Proven cost savings

Generate unprecedented cost savings through precise scoping of specifications with AI-powered category expertise.

Manage demand efficiently to prevent overbuying.

Increase competition in cost and quality among preferred suppliers to capture savings of over 20%.

$900 Budget USD in '000
$2,600 Initial Bid Existing
$850 New
Supplier A
$960 New
Supplier B
$600 New
Supplier C
$2,600 Revised Bid
A global life sciences company realized more than 70% in bid reduction from an existing supplier’s established rate card and cost savings of over 20% against the set budget.

Cost savings across all industries

Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

A multinational financial services institution’s preferred supplier bid was reduced by over 50% through bid competition.

Using Globality, the organization discovered two additional highly qualified supplier options and achieved nearly 40% in savings against the original budget.

Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

Prominent Tech Company

Prominent Tech Company

Prominent Tech Company

A leading tech company enabled over $1.5M in savings and 80% reduction in overall cycle time for a marketing agency of record project.

The Platform enabled effective collaboration to successfully evaluate 7 competitive proposals.

*Average of 7 proposals

Prominent Tech Company

Global CPG Enterprise

Global CPG Enterpris

Global CPG Enterprise

A Fortune 100 CPG company enabled an estimated 60% in cost savings for a strategic consulting project through the discovery of a new qualified supplier.

“The Platform was intuitive to use, and the suppliers suggested by Globality were all high quality.”

- Business Stakeholder
Global CPG Enterpris

Reinvent sourcing. Reshape business.

Traditional sourcing process

  • Ballooning costs from overbuying or scope creep
  • Sub-optimal purchases due to lack of data
  • Slow, onerous process from scoping to awarding
  • Misalignment on business goals and metrics
  • Weak audit trails increase risk of non-compliance 
  • Unconscious bias when selecting suppliers

AI-powered sourcing

  • Significant increase in cost savings
  • Effective decision-making driven by data
  • Accelerated sourcing process guided by AI
  • Stakeholder alignment using real-time collaboration tools
  • Complete transparency and effort-free tracking
  • Merit-based matching and objective selection

Exclusively inclusive

Whether you’re looking to uncover deep expertise within your current suppliers or discover other diverse, vetted suppliers, Glo delivers an instant shortlist of the most qualified options.

Enable an inclusive, sustainable world with a global base of outstanding diverse suppliers that ensures your company has the competitive edge it needs to thrive.

Do more. With less.

Experience the impact of our agile and intelligent sourcing platform to manage all your indirect spend.

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