The Best Provider

Unprecedented Reach

Finding the best service provider for every project is more efficient than ever on the Globality Platform. Compare your incumbent suppliers with our network of 17,000+ providers and select the best one for every project.

Defined Merit

Our carefully-vetted, highly-qualified, invite-only network is comprised of some of the best service providers in the world to make sure they measure up to your company’s demands for quality, expertise, and passion.

Accurate Matching

With a much more clearly defined project scope thanks to our Smart Brief™ technology, your company is matched more accurately to the best service providers available. And getting the best provider means you’ll get the best results.
£720k Budget
£913k Initial Bid
£423k Challenger A
£385k Challenger B
£913k Revised Bid
Recent case study for a Fortune 100 financial institution that drove down project cost over 50% by sourcing on the Globality Platform.

Proven Savings

Using the Globality Platform delivers real results to your company. Whether it’s the increased accuracy and efficiency of scoping and matching, better utilization of existing resources, or driving the cost of projects down through competitive pricing pressure, your company will achieve immediate impact.

Deeper Options

Our robust network of service providers gives your company qualified short lists, enabling your team to easily compare the companies in our network with your existing suppliers.

Professional Network

The Globality Service Provider Network is comprised of the best companies from around the world. Each provider is carefully vetted based on the merits of experience, performance, and passion before being invited to join. That translates to the right provider for all your company’s projects.

Comparative Selection

Globality enables your team to compare qualified providers from our network with your incumbent suppliers, driving up quality and driving down costs with every project.

For Every Project

Unparalleled Speed

Using the Platform to source services for your projects is easy, intuitive, and much faster than with a traditional RFP.

Our dynamic Q&A helps you efficiently create Smart Briefs, leading to faster provider matching and proposals, built-in collaboration to avoid ballooning timelines, and an unparalleled speed to market for all of your company’s projects.

Built to Scale

Our Platform is built to work for your company, regardless of its size or locations. You can create new projects simply and efficiently, add any team member to any project at any time, and track all aspects of all projects in real time to ensure complete transparency.

Safe & Secure

We take security seriously at Globality, proudly exceeding industry standards in protecting your organization’s data. We are ISO 27001 certified, follow GDPR compliance recommendations and US-EU Privacy Shield guidelines, and actively invest in security to provide your company with trusted services.

We design and build our product with security in mind, testing and implementing safeguards and redundancies so your company can focus on doing business.

Constant Learning

Every project that takes place on the Platform today helps make all future projects better. Our AI-powered Platform learns your preferences and company needs, facilitating better informed, better evaluated, and better matched providers for all your company’s users on the Platform.

Start Sourcing Smarter

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