Inclusive sourcing
Extraordinary results

Transform the way you engage preferred and new suppliers in a transparent, fair, and comprehensive sourcing environment for optimal results across every service need.

Source smarter

Easily engage with suppliers for every sourcing need to drive the best results.

Sourcing Flexibility

Glo helps you define the parameters for how your team partners with your preferred suppliers.

Cross-Category Expertise

Procurement and business users can source from a multitude of service offerings across most service categories, including marketing, legal, consulting, HR, IT, and more.

For Every Use Case

Explore potential solutions, identify supplemental value in your existing suppliers, or build, renew, or consolidate a panel of outstanding suppliers.

Hassle-free onboarding

Eliminate workflow disruptions as your existing suppliers are seamlessly onboarded and trained on the Globality Platform.

Pre-completed Smart Profile
On-platform walkthrough guided by Glo
On-demand training videos and articles

Meaningful impact for your business

Support your commitment to inclusion and diversity with existing and new diverse suppliers that drive significant value to your business and your customers.

Unique Expertise and Value

Ensure your team has immediate access to current and new suppliers with the best expertise, experience, and qualifications.

Merit-Based Selections

Glo identifies all the desired business requirements up front and then highlights those characteristics in a shortlist of suppliers, making it easy to select the best supplier for each specific need.

Collaboration at every stage

Interact with suppliers throughout the lifecycle of every project to gain strong, rapid alignment and to discuss feedback.

Source services like never before

Experience the AI-powered sourcing ecosystem.

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