Autonomous Sourcing: Cut Costs and Bring Procurement Closer to the Business 

March 12, 2024
11:00 am – 11:30 am ET
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm GMT

Increase Procurement's Business Value With AI-Powered Autonomous Sourcing

The Future of Procurement is here – AI-powered autonomous sourcing plugs seamlessly into your existing legacy P2P systems to cut costs and help drive better business outcomes from day one.

Learn how AI transforms your procurement function by putting guardrails around your spend and ensures that all sourcing is done according to best practices. Procurement becomes 70% more efficient and returns $100M+ to the company while freeing up sourcing teams to focus on high-value strategic projects and initiatives. 

Santander, Tesco, Fidelity, Adidas and BT have already automated their spend management model to increase visibility and control, while reducing OPEX  – join our live demo to discover how.

No salespeople on the line – just our experts in AI-powered spend management.

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Paul has over a decade of experience delivering customer satisfaction and project results as well as helping customers transform their procurement organizations and achieve their sourcing goals. Prior to joining Globality, Paul helped customers deliver digital transformation and operational excellence at Capgemini Invent.

Paul Fox

VP, Customer Success

matt prichard 2024
Matt Prichard

Fidelity Investments

With Globality, we are now competitively sourcing across our spend that would have taken 50 additional people to achieve and we are seeing a 20% price improvement compared to before.