Meaningful supplier diversity
is more than just checking a box.

But getting started can be that easy.

Inclusive sourcing for extraordinary results

Uncover hidden expertise

New access to lesser-known businesses can expose unique skills and untapped talent.

Generate new ideas

Small and diverse suppliers are able to offer fresh perspectives and cutting-edge solutions.

Build sustainable resiliency

Diverse suppliers are often more innovative and adaptable, enabling rapid response to shifting customer needs.


Globality is enabling customers to realize their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals by introducing an average of three new diverse suppliers for 70% of all sourcing events.

It’s not an add-on, it’s AI-powered sourcing

With built-in diversity on the Globality Platform, you can effectively engage with diverse suppliers within your existing workflows, all in one place.


Built-in inclusivity

Seamlessly select supplier characteristics to include during the scoping process.

Real-time matching

Instantly identify qualified, diverse suppliers and invite them to submit proposals.

Unbiased selection

Easily compare and assess diverse options side by side to award your project to the right supplier.

Transform your procurement for good.

Learn how Globality can help you build diversity into your workflow.

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