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The AI-enabled Organisation of the Future

The AI enabled organization of the future

Truly disruptive new technologies have historically reshaped organisations, and on occasion the mechanisms of global trade, substantially. Experts expect this will undoubtedly be the case with artificial intelligence (AI). But the extent and nature of its impact will ultimately depend on the willingness of firms to embrace its potential, to co-operate in its adoption and, of course, the role of regulators in overseeing its use.

This report explores the likely impact of AI on future organisations in several areas:

  • The central foundation of successful AI adoption—namely, data— in boosting insight and prediction, and the ramifications for how companies work with each other;
  • Potential of AI to level the playing field in terms of company size;
  • Impact of AI on workforce dynamics; and
  • Regulatory challenges and potential solutions posed by AI. 

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Looking back in ten years’ time, the biggest surprise will be how commonplace this technology will seem compared to how mysterious it is today.”
Jerry Kaplan
Lecturer and Research Affiliate, Stanford University