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Input your project on Globality’s Platform using our intuitive, dynamic Q&A process to quickly define your needs and create clearer, more precise briefs.

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Receive a shortlist of best-fit service providers drawn from your own database as well as our network of carefully-vetted firms.  

Increase competitive pressure

Create competitive pressure with Globality’s comparison and evaluation tools, driving efficiency and lowering costs.

Select and rate service providers

Work with and evaluate outstanding service providers on the secure Globality Platform trusted by major corporations around the world.

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The world’s first global premium B2B services marketplace
  • Invite-only, vetted service providers in 100+ countries
  • Extensive capabilities in Consulting, Marketing and Legal categories
  • New categories to be added in 2018
  • Compare your service providers to a pool of 10,000+ firms
  • Review robust service provider profiles and case histories
  • On-going risk and vetting checks on all service providers
  • Security systems compatible with ISO27001 
  • Access to Globality experts
  • No “pay for play” or service provider subscription fees
Why Globality?
Uncover "Hidden Gems"

Get unprecedented access to outstanding service providers around the world, including in your existing portfolio.

Obtain Lower Costs

Cut the RFP process from months to days and drive competitive pricing pressure.

Achieve Better Results

Work with vetted, experienced service providers with the skills to do exactly what you need.

Use a Proven Platform
Join a growing list of Fortune 500 clients who have achieved proven results by using the Globality Platform.

"Many companies today misguidedly attempt to reduce procurement costs by working with only a few service providers instead of allowing quality and value to drive their selection process. Globality’s disruptive technology will enable companies to reliably identify the best provider at the best price in a scalable way."

- Dennis Nally, Former Global Chairman of PwC; Globality Board Member

Level the playing field, for good.

In commerce, a level playing field is described as fair and unbiased. Not that each player has an equal chance to succeed, but that all players use the same set of rules. A metaphorical playing field is said to be level if no external interference affects the ability of players to compete fairly.

Globality has built a solution that levels the playing field, and powers up your procurement, to create good. It’s good for your company. It’s good for your stakeholders. And by creating economic inclusion for more businesses, it is good for people around the world.

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