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The world’s first global premium B2B services marketplace

Jettison the outdated RFP process. Replace it with Globality’s state-of-the-art, digitized Project Brief, powered by AI technology and industry experts.

Access an invitation-only community of thousands of highly qualified small and midsize service providers in over 80 countries – and get matched with a select few that are perfect partners for your specific needs.

Collaborate and work on a secure platform, with end-to-end project management for increased efficiency and better results.

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How it works
Create a Project Brief

Input your project on Globality’s platform using our intuitive, dynamic Q&A process to quickly define your needs and parameters.

Get matched

Receive a targeted shortlist of 3-5 service providers within days, carefully vetted by both our AI and our team of industry experts.

Select a service provider

Evaluate our recommended providers using communication features, expert insights and comparison dashboards to engage the perfect provider with the skills you need.

Get to work!

Manage your entire project lifecycle on the 100% secure Globality platform trusted by major corporations around the world.

Why Globality?
Uncover "Hidden Gems"

Small and midsize service providers are specialists with deep industry experience and local market knowledge. They are creative and passionate about their work.

Obtain Lower Costs

Cut the RFP process from months to hours. No more overstaffed projects and inflated project fees. Save money from a fee structure where you aren’t paying to train junior staff.

Achieve Superior Results

When you’re working with the best, you get the best. Globality thoroughly vets our service providers and recommends firms with the expertise and relevant experience to do exactly the work you need.

Service categories

Strategy & innovation
Commercial improvement
Environmental & social impact
+ More


Public relations


Commercial litigation
Intellectual property

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"Many companies today misguidedly attempt to reduce procurement costs by working with only a few large service providers instead of allowing quality and value to drive their selection process. Globality’s disruptive technology will enable companies to reliably identify the best provider at the best price in a scalable way."

- Dennis Nally, Globality Board Member, Former Global Chairman of PwC


“Traditionally, these smaller companies haven’t had access to the large multinationals because it is too costly to qualify companies operating in all these different markets,” said Dennis Nally, a Globality board member and former chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers, told Fortune. “This really changes the procurement process.”


For a marketer, finding an ad agency in another geographic market—especially to handle a one-off project—can be expensive, tedious and time-consuming. The startup Globality wants to change that with an algorithm that connects brands with small and midsize local agencies around the world.


Globality today debuted as the first global B2B premium services marketplace that brings together high quality small and medium-sized services companies and leading global corporations on a highly-curated platform, unlocking opportunities and opening markets for both sides.

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Partner with exceptional small firms around the world to improve your company’s bottom line with process efficiency savings, lower project costs, faster speed to market and superior results.
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