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Revolutionize the Way

Your Company

Buys and Sells Services
Drives Value with AI
Improves Speed to Market
Lowers Costs
Increases Quality
Collaborates Remotely
Reduces Carbon Emissions

Better Results on Every Project

The Globality Platform immediately impacts your company’s bottom line. From higher quality deliverables to unprecedented speed to market, using the Platform assures that your team selects the best service supplier at the right price for every project.

Decrease Costs by at Least 20%
Scope Projects in Hours Instead of Months
Achieve Better Results

Smart Sourcing

This is Glo, our cutting-edge AI interface that guides you through every step of each project.

Millions of data points are analyzed by Glo while you answer our dynamic Q&A.

Glo uses sophisticated Natural Language Processing to prompt relevant follow-up questions in real time, better defining the scope of each project’s specific needs.

World-Class Services

Glo analyzes your database of existing suppliers alongside the Globality Network of highly qualified suppliers.

You can compare multiple suppliers side‑by‑side, ensuring your team finds the best supplier at the right price for every project.

Plus, feedback and evaluation happen throughout, ensuring that every supplier meets the highest standards of excellence and quality.

Globality is unlocking world-class services to help companies create a more inclusive global economy.
Joel Hyatt, Chairman and CEO of Globality