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Find excellent consulting firms that are most relevant for your specific project

Globality helps you find outstanding consulting firms around the world across a broad spectrum of topics. These firms are filled with smart and energetic problem solvers, who are motivated by helping clients deliver visible results.

We perfectly match firms for skills and working styles. Our technology helps you precisely define your business needs and align expectations with your selected firm around a clear scope of work. We enable easy collaboration with a seamless digital workflow, ensuring the project engagement is set up for success.

Working with Globality, you’ll achieve better project outcomes, at a better value with faster speed-to-market.

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"Consultancies are shifting from integrated solution shops to modular providers, which specialize in supplying one specific link in the value chain."

Clayton M. Christensen, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University;
Harvard Business Review, October 2013

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Globality's unique approach to matching

The Globality Service Provider Network is made up of outstanding, pre-vetted firms from around the world, handpicked for their exceptional talent, body of past work and local market expertise. Globality’s Platform combines artificial intelligence and curation by industry experts to match you with best-fit firms around the world, factoring in everything from capabilities and experience to chemistry and cultural fit.

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