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Frequently Asked Questions
When was Globality founded?

Globality was founded in March 2015 by seasoned entrepreneurs Joel Hyatt and Lior Delgo, who had a vision to make globalization work for more businesses and people around the world.

What is Globality's mission?

Globality's mission is to make globalization work for more businesses and people. We believe that helping businesses become players in the global economy is an important way to create an inclusive economy.

We enable business relationships that are collaborative, trustworthy and supported by innovative technology. These values are the foundation for everything we do with our clients, our service providers and our team.

Where are your offices?

Globality is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.  We also have offices in London and Hong Kong.

How do you “streamline the RFP process?”

Our digitized sourcing solution and marketplace are powered by artificial intelligence on a cutting-edge, easy-to-use intuitive platform. Globality's proprietary platform uses an interactive dialogue interface to help stakeholders scope a project and match clients with the perfect service providers. This unique approach to creating a Project Brief transforms today’s analog, cumbersome RFP process into an intuitive, smart and continuously-learning digital solution. Globality’s Platform includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence-powered, intuitive Project Brief. An adaptive interactive online Q&A that delivers superior Project Briefs and ease of workflow.
  • Quality, Highly-Tailored Matches. Proprietary matching algorithm using thousands of data points to make service provider recommendations to clients.
  • Secure Online Tools. Secure online tools that seamlessly support end-to-end collaboration.
How big is your Globality Service Provider Network?

Globality’s outstanding service providers span over 100 countries, meaning that we are able to bring you the right marketing, legal and consulting firms for your project, around the world.  We are constantly scanning the globe for top-tier service providers, re-evaluating our current providers, and building a growing proprietary database that currently tracks and evaluates more than 9,000 firms in 145 countries, on a regular basis.

How do you select service providers to join the network?

Joining our network of Globality Service Providers is by invitation or referral only. Providers cannot pay to join, and each firm undergoes a thorough evaluation before being invited to the network.  Globality does an extensive background check and reviews every service provider's capabilities, leadership team, past work, local market expertise, financial stability and reputation, as well as other key criteria.

Who are your clients?

Globality’s clients include some of the world's largest, leading multinational companies.

How does your matching process work?

Globality uses artificial intelligence to match you with outstanding service providers. Our AI-technology leverages thousands of data points for every match to deliver granular matching at scale. 

How long will it take me to match with a provider?

Most matches are made within days. In specific cases, we use our “on demand sourcing” that allows us to respond very quickly to specific client needs outside of our existing network.

What happens after I am matched?

After Globality matches you with a shortlist of outstanding service providers that are specifically selected for your project, you will be able to quickly and easily evaluate and select your provider based on proposals and comparison dashboards.

How do fees and payments work?

Project scope and fees are agreed between the client and the service provider.  Invoices are transmitted through the Globality Platform and processed by clients as usual and payments are made to each service provider via a regulated Globality Escrow Trust Account, making the process simple, standardized and globally consistent. 

What security systems are in place on the Globality platform?

Globality has comprehensive security measures in place to ensure the complete privacy and protection of our customers’ data. Our security systems are compatible with ISO27001 and regularly assessed by independent auditors. We are currently in the process of obtaining our official ISO27001 certification. Our security policies include:

  • Secure Development Lifecycle.
  • Change control.
  • Detection of malicious code.
  • Server hardening.
  • Secure customer data - Architecture security, data encryption at rest and in transit, data classification, access authorization, authentication , system monitoring, logging and alerting, endpoint security, workstation security, mobile device management, data disposal, key/certification protection, disaster recovery and business continuity.

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Is it made public that we are using Globality?

We'll publicly use your company name only if you want us to.

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