Information security is paramount at Globality.

We invest considerable resources to provide a safe, secure platform to our partners, customers, and employees. Our dedicated information security team is committed to protecting our systems through continuous research, implementation of cutting-edge technology, and subject-matter expertise. Our security policy is guided by Globality’s core values, code of conduct, and business ethics. It dictates how we operate anywhere, any time.

AI at Globality

Globality uses AI to improve productivity and business outcomes by automating suitable tasks and generating meaningful insights and guidance that speed up and improve sourcing outcomes. Globality deploys an internally managed and hosted service classifier as well as an externally hosted generative AI support bot. Globality takes our security and privacy obligations seriously and ensures that all AI processes are thoroughly reviewed, audited, monitored, and secure.

Globality's internal service classifier is solely hosted within our PROD environment and helps to identify service offerings and suppliers most relevant to a project. All data used to train these models are fully sanitized and anonymized prior to training to ensure any sensitive data, or PII, is removed. Globality prioritizes security and all data is fully encrypted at rest, in transit, and regularly audited for integrity.

Globality's generative AI solutions, hosted by Azure, provide support and augmentation services to users to streamline the platform experience and enhance their capabilities. Customer or platform data is never used to train the LLMs, and no data is ever stored by a third party. For more information on how Globality is using cutting edge technology to change procurement, please reach out.

Globality AI Model Training